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The featured artist of Seahorse Gallery is Florida native Marjorie Schoelles. Known for her use of vibrant colors in acrylics for mermaid and Tree of Life paintings, Marjorie also makes use of a wide range of media when creating visual art.

While living in several states across the U.S. and traveling abroad, Marjorie has found inspiration in many beautiful natural settings. From mountains to lakes, forests to sea shore, each work comes from original vision.

Conte, pencil, watercolor, colored pencils and gouache are all used Рsometimes at the same time Рwhen Marjorie creates her drawings, sketches and illustrations.

Marjorie is also the artist, author and creator behind Mermaid Sand and the book “Now I Wish Upon A Pearl.” The book can be found on Amazon and the full suite of Mermaid Sand products can be seen at MermaidSand.com

From Marjorie:
“I grew up in a family business and was creative through early adulthood. When I moved into management within corporations I set aside paint brush and pencil – thinking that being outwardly creative would diminish my focus and impact on a rising career. What I came to understand is that we are each born whole and creative – the world often diminishes or or discourages our full expression. I now live a very full life – no more either/or!”

marjorie@mermaidsand.com  850.294.9995

Artist & Author Marjorie Schoelles

Artist & Author Marjorie Schoelles



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