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Bridging Heaven and Sea | Tree of Life Series

This is acrylic on wood with the original sized at 48" H x 36" W         Prints available in multiple sizes, see below

The Story: I had been doodling for about a week a tree of life that was at the center of composition with a bright sky and water underneath. In looking at my canvases, none of them felt like the right size or weight. Expressing my frustration to my husband, he came through again, custom making this wood panel with 2.25 inch side panels.

With this substantial surface sitting on my easel I started painting in the tree and sky, layering in colors and textures more than I ever had before. As the tree came to life in color and texture, I also began layering color into the water. Finished for the most part, the water looked too flat, too lifeless. As I sat and stared at the area, I thought back to all the years (more than 45) that my Daddy had spent on the seas. He was a Merchant Marine officer and went to exotic locations, as well as fought in the wars.

A story he told came back to me - about being at sea on a Navy oil tanker, trying to get to a refueling spot through some rough weather. For him to call it rough meant they were against some tough waves and wind. Next thing I knew, my paintbrush was in my hand and I was painting those high, turbulent seas. Many a seafaring person has seen the walls of water racing toward them, wondering if they would see the other side of the swell.

The sea, like the sky, has every imaginable mood. From bright to stormy, serene to foreboding. The tree of life spans the elements, standing firm in support and in life.

My Daddy's favorite saying... "Red sky at night, sailor's delight. Red Sky ​by morning, sailors take warning." I think he would like this painting 🙂

The original painting is wood with side support structure and should be hung as is, gallery style. The prints are a matte finish on high quality paper, shipped flat or in a tube, depending on size. All items have our 100% guarantee.

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We believe you will love your print or original! But in case there are any issues we want you to feel assured we stand behind our products and customer satisfaction is our number one priority. Please contact with any questions. 

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