Dancing With the Earth

This is acrylic on canvas with the original sized at 16" H x 20" W         Prints available in multiple sizes, see below

The Story: My grandmother was Native American and my mother told me many times that we shared certain traits. I never met Many Hand, known as Minnie when she came to live in a fishing village with her new Cajun husband, along Florida's Forgotten Coast.

I know that I dream in colors, sound, smells and feel/touch. I have dreams that develop over months and years. And some of those dreams I record by painting.

Dancing With the Earth was a journey of following a Native woman through scrub brush and grasses until she came to an open field. Donning her ceremonial cape she began dancing and signing. The night was dark but the air glowed in gentle wisps, following her movements. As she danced with more purpose, the Earth began to form from the mists, the water in the air and particles from the grasses and ground.

When it formed a perfect globe, the dancer stopped, her cape partiality enclosing the globe. Illuminated by the glow now coming from Earth, ​she quietly spoke "naneso", my child. Stepping back, opening her cape wide while raising her face to the skies, the Earth rose toward the stars. Nodding her head to me with a gentle smile upon her face, she left the open field, disappearing back into the brush and grasses.

I have had other dream series that may follow this one on to canvas soon. ​

The original painting is stretched canvas on 3/4" wood and can be framed. The prints are a matte finish on high quality paper, shipped flat or in a tube, depending on size. All items have our 100% guarantee.

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